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Another car show

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Another car show Empty Another car show

Post  jjtjr Sat 08 Feb 2020, 1:09 pm

Went to another car show yesterday. It was an 8 mile drive one way to get there. The speed limit on the roads I took ( careful planning) was 35 mph. What is becoming apparent is the water usage is less than I expected, I guess the superheater is doing its job. The speed that I'm driving at is between 20 and 25 mph, but I'm using the third hookup which seems to make a difference. The roads are level which helps. The boiler was able to keep up with the speed of 20 mph with at least over 200 psi. On some slight up hills the pressure did drop a little but came back up again. The 24 gallon tanks I installed is making this all possible. When I weighed the car last year, it was over 1500 lbs with empty tanks. That's it for now, going to another show on the 15 of this month. The drive back home was in the dark, all the driving lights that I installed, including the dash light, really paid off. Also, the automatic water bypass makes driving much easier as you're not always looking at the display or gauge glass.

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Another car show Empty Re: Another car show

Post  Grier Sat 08 Feb 2020, 1:42 pm

What an inspiring post! Thank You for sharing. I can't wait to be steaming too.
Best Regards,


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