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STW Production Week Commencing 01/07/2009

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STW Production Week Commencing 01/07/2009 Empty STW Production Week Commencing 01/07/2009

Post  Admin on Fri 10 Jul 2009, 6:27 pm

Hi Everyone,

Please find the latest news on how production is coming along below.

Burrell 4" Kit 19:

This was despatched on Wednesday 8th July.

Burrell 4" Kit 18:

This kit is now almost complete. All that is left to do is to cut the teeth on the Drive Gears. We should be in the position to desptch this kit next week which is the week ending 17th July. As we have only just delivered Kit 18 we shall call customers prior to despatching to check they are happy to take two kits so close together.

Foden Very Final Parts:

This kit contains:

The Water Gauge Glass Front and Sides.
The Water Gauge Protector Rod, Top & Base
The Water Gauge Glass & Seal
The Water Lifter Blower Pipe
Front & Rear Blower Pipes
Motion Cover
Cover Angle & U Bolt
Blower Pipe Union
Front & rear Lubricator Pipe
Lubricator Adapter & Lubricator Check Valve
Injector Water Valve Handle
Pump Bypass Valve Handle
Handle Boss
Water Lifter Rose
3/8" Globe Valves
Fabricated & Welded Cylinder Cover

That then completes the Foden. The Cylinder Covers are an optional extra to what was on the original list. If you decide you do not want it simple return it when paying your invoice.

Foden Boilers:

One boiler is fully finished and machined to prove we were happy with the jigs etc. The balance are now being assembled and should be ready for inspection at the end of July.

Burrell 4" Boilers:

The last few Burrell boilers will be started at the beginning of August with an ancipated despatch date by the end of August.

2" Burrell Kit 24:

This will be the next kit to be despatched as we are still waiting for the differential gears and castings from our suppliers. This kit will contain the Governor and the Safety Valves. A large proportion of the Governors have been machined and the Safety Valves have been started. We are still waiting delivery of the Safety Valve Springs and Governor Gears, assuming these come in as planned this kit should be despatched towards the end of the month.

2" Burrell Kit 17 or Kit 22:

Both these kits are dependant on us receiving either the diff gears from our supplier or the castings from our foundry. Once we know which are likely to arrive first we will start work on the relevant kit and update the forum with a despatch date. The Compensating Centre has been finished and Brake Wheel have been finished on Kit 17.

We will add some photo's for everyone to see how things are coming along over the weekend / Monday latest.

All the best

Dean & Steve.

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