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STW Production Week Commencing 16/02/2009

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STW Production Week Commencing 16/02/2009 Empty STW Production Week Commencing 16/02/2009

Post  Admin on Wed 18 Feb 2009, 12:08 pm

Hi Everyone,

Below is the current status of all the models we have in production currently.

Burrell 4" Kit 11B:

This kit is now almost finished. The slide valve and valve buckle are on the final operation leaving only the weighshaft bracket to complete production. We intend to finish assembling the control model during the early part of next week and once done we will then pack and label the indidvidual componenets. It is anticipated that this kit should be desptched no later than Wednesday 26th February


The drive gear kit went out as anticipated. A large kit, i'm sure all Foden customers will agree.

The cylinder blocks are still running on our large CNC mill. We have made extremely good progress on these during the last two weeks and expect the cylinders to be ready for a despatch during the early part of March. A milestone for the 12 customers still requiring a block.

We intend to start work on the final items to complete the Foden during March and anticipate that these will be delivered during April. This will also co-incide with the delivery of the outstanding gears, therfore, any customers with gears outstanding will receive them at the same time as the final items.

Burrell 2" Kit 20:

This kit has yet to be started. All the material is in stock and production cards issued. A delivery of the end of March is expected.


Burrell 4" Boilers:

The first two boilers have now been completed, once the remaining 8 are finished we will call in the RSA inspector to witness them on hydraulic test and then look at making them available straight away.

Foden Boilers:

The boiler barrell material is due in any day.

Burrell 2" Boilers:

We now have satisfied all 50+ customers who required a 2" Burrell boiler. We have also manufactured an additional 10 for stock so any new sales can 'catch up' if they prefer and receive a boiler immediately. A fantastic achievement by our boiler maker in such a short time. Thank you Lee. Once we complete the 4" Burrell boilers and 4.5" Foden boilers over the next few months we will no doubt be the biggest manufacturer of minature boilers per year than any other supplier.

Best Regards

Dean & Steve

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