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The President.. Can anyone fill in the blanks??

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The President.. Can anyone fill in the blanks?? Empty The President.. Can anyone fill in the blanks??

Post  highpressure Sat 01 Jan 2011, 3:17 pm

Hi All,

Been watching a few DVDs over the break and came across the 2000 Burrell special of the GDSF. In it there is a feature on the Burrell tent and inside is an unrestored President with a chap from Bressingham? saying it is one of the best unrestored examples of a road loco etc that the Science Museum might be interested in. I wasnt into steam then and didnt actually "discover" the GDSF or the steam scene until 2003!! affraid affraid Wierd I know!!!! Since then I have made up time though with several G scale trains and 5 traction engines of various scales!

However the next time I've seen the President it is in its current form fully restored, reapainted a non conventional scheme and living in Scotland, so just out of curiosity I wondered if anyone can fill in the bit between the 2000 dvd and it being sold into preservation Question

Happy New year to all


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The President.. Can anyone fill in the blanks?? Empty Re: The President.. Can anyone fill in the blanks??

Post  sonick45 Tue 04 Jan 2011, 7:07 pm

Hi Kev,

The President was sold by Bressingham to the Bainbridge family.
Extensively restored and re painted in it's current form by Jimmer Marsh.

Sold recently to Mike Dreelan of Aberdeen.

2789 was called Lord Kitchener when new to Kemp as a showmans road loco ( see Michael Lanes book on Burrell Showmans Road locos) and was supplied to haul and generate for his Dreamland Bioscope show.He kept it for three years and replaced it with a 7nhp no 2984 called Premier. It definitely remained Kitchener whilst in the ownership of the Caudwells for many years and Harold Darby who bought it from them. There is an early rally photo of it on page 186 of Michael Lanes book "A history of Charles Burrell and Sons". He says it was called Lord Kitchener there too. It was built new with two moores pumps unusually but one was replaced with an injector quite early and the other has gone too now. It also worked for all of its life with the Caudwells with a 3/4 cab.
I think perhaps it was renamed the President in honour of its first showland owner, by Bressingham Museum owner Alan Bloom, although there was another short term owner between Darby and him I think. There are of course a couple of other engines called Kitchener and perhaps he wanted something unique?

I intend to call my 4" DCC "LORD KITCHENER". No turning back as the plates have been ordered...Razz

Engine originally left Thetford Works in Crimson with Cream Wheels as a Showmans.
2789 RL 8 DCC 175wp 7&11.1/2 x 12 F&H springs single drive 3sp 4'-9" & 7' Crimson/creamy white 23.12.05
G.H.Kemp Leicester Showman's engine

front end in view whilst at Bressingham.
The President.. Can anyone fill in the blanks?? File

The President.. Can anyone fill in the blanks?? File-3
The President.. Can anyone fill in the blanks?? File-1


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