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water tank pre heater

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water tank pre heater Empty water tank pre heater

Post  jjtjr Sat 25 Apr 2020, 12:49 am

Installed a water heat  exchanger. The preheater exchanger  is installed on the exhaust  steam  from the engine ,this heats the  incoming water that goes to the boiler. Been using this for quite  some time. it has to be installed after the engine water pumps. The boiler is not getting filled with cold water from tanks this help reduce burner run time.  The exchanger is from a marine engine transmission cooler, when they change the transmission they also replace the cooler and throw the old ones away . I have a collection of them. They come in different sizes. there isn't anything wrong with the olds ones, but the transmission will not be warranty if you use the old ones. Also these only had cooling water run thru them no sea water. You would be surprised how much heat gets transferred .

water tank pre heater 20200412
water tank pre heater 20200411

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