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Mamod steam engines

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Mamod steam engines Empty Mamod steam engines

Post  zzr prid Sun 21 Mar 2010, 8:49 pm

Hi all

I got in to steam when i was a kid because of mamod, and i love them. My first engine was a TE1 which i gave to my brother when i left home. Sad

But last year when looking on the net (ebay) i fell in love again, and now have.

2 x rollers (one is about 50 years old)
1x SE1
1 x SE1A (never been run)
2 x SE2
1 x SE2A
1 x SE3
4 X MM1 ( one is pre ww2)
1 x SP1
1 x Bowman
1 x SP2 (needs some work)
7 x USE + twin boiler

And now i am building 2" Burrell Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Does any one else have any other engines ? If so what are they ?

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

zzr prid

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Mamod steam engines Empty Re: Mamod steam engines

Post  hughb Mon 22 Mar 2010, 8:17 pm

Yes I was given one when I was 8 years old and not to run it till my dad was there ..
I love them mine is like the one in the clip but has a canopy over it and I have a traler for it .

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Mamod steam engines Empty Re: Mamod steam engines

Post  LilyJack Mon 22 Mar 2010, 9:15 pm

Firstly, how ya all doing?? All good I trust Very Happy

Secondly, I got bugger all other than lots of bits of a 2" Build which is well under way (roll on payday this month) so I can get another 4 or so kits...
Got me lad a Wilesco engine for xmas just gone though, its bloomin awesome, tis a showmans with a dinky jenny on the front n little yellow LED's inside so it lights up as it chugs along, well cool hahaha. I DID GET IT FOR ME LAD FOR XMAS HONESTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Razz
Oh boyyyyyy have I gotta pull me finger out me arse, first rally's in June Shocked gonna be a busy weekend this weekend but hey ho Smile
Righty, cant chat more, tomtit,shower n bedtime Sad (hate 4:30 starts)


LilyJack Cool

ps: if you lot like miniature steam engines like that, I'd suggest a few GOOD books by Tubal Caine, (might wanna spell check that), got some nice little statics in there, intersting if you like sod arsin about with all that, personally I aint got time for a number two lately but I'll get round to it when my 2" is built Wink


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Mamod steam engines Empty Re: Mamod steam engines

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