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Pride of Penrhyn Article

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Pride of Penrhyn Article Empty Pride of Penrhyn Article

Post  PeteThePen1 Tue 24 Oct 2023, 8:22 pm

Hi Folks

This is very much a long shot but I know how knowledgeable steam buffs are which makes me feel that it is worth the effort of posting.

A friend of happens to own a "Pride of Penrhyn" steam lorry which is a design based on the 1905 Sentinel vehicle. He has heard that there is an article that discusses the build in some great detail. I used Google Bard to see if it could find the article and it gave me this:

"Pride of Penrhyn - A Model Steam Lorry" by Mrs. M. E. Owen, which was published in the Model Engineer magazine in 1984. The article describes the construction of a 1/5 scale model steam lorry by Mrs. Owen's husband, Mr. David Owen."

Unfortunately, Bard is rubbish at getting article references correct. It will usually give the wrong publication, the wrong issue and the wrong page numbers. In this case it has certainly got the magazine wrong as the Model Engineer for 1984 does not include the article nor does the title appear anywhere in their index.

Thus I am wondering if anybody recalls having seen this article in (say) this publication or any other such as a Club magazine. So I would be grateful if anybody can help me push this search a little further.

Best wishes



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