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Nickel Plating

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Nickel Plating Empty Nickel Plating

Post  simonbos Mon 23 Sep 2019, 8:26 pm

I have a lot of parts I wish to nickel plate in a matt finish and thought I might buy a kit and do it myself this time instead of paying somebody else.
Can anybody recommend which is the best kit to buy and how easy is it to achieve good results?
Any help/advice appreciated.


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Nickel Plating Empty Re: Nickel Plating

Post  Simon C Mon 23 Sep 2019, 9:20 pm

Hi Simon
The finish you get with nickel plating depends on the finish of the part to be coated, so if you require a matt finish you can ether blast the parts with a gentle medium like powdered glass first or polish the parts and over plate them.
I use a black nickel plating kit from :- They do other kit also like chrome,brass,copper, bright nickel etc.
They have a good website with lots of information on it and are worth a look at as they also run causes on plating techniques.
There is a help line number as well for advice so good look and send pictures.
I posted these pictures on the roller forum under missing from home.
Nickel Plating SHMn7zSl
This was my attempt at black nickel plating the rear hub caps of my roller.
It was not a black finish more a chocolate brown but not a bad result I think.

Simon C (a full roofer)
Simon C
Simon C

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