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New Machine for STW

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New Machine for STW Empty New Machine for STW

Post  Steam Traction World Wed 27 Jan 2016, 9:16 am

Hi All,

I know i have posted some photo's on our Facebook page however for those customers/potential customers/forum visitors who do not use social media i thought i would put something on the forum so you don't feel left out.  Very Happy

The New Year didn't start well for STW, only 2 days after returning to work, our largest milling machine, the one we rely on to machine cylinder blocks and boilers decided to give up the ghost. After calling in a professional maintenance engineer to repair it, we were greeted with even more bad news that the cost to repair not only outweighed the value of the machine it probably outweighed the value of purchasing a new machine!!

To cut a potentially long story short, in the last fortnight we have managed to find a replacement machining centre, we have viewed it, purchased it, moved the old machine out and had the new one installed in the factory where since last Friday it is now successfully machining 4" scale DCC cylinder blocks. God knows how we've managed it but i for one am relieved we have and it's sorted.

For those interested some photo's are below.  Very Happy

Here's Craig cleaning the floor where the old machine used to be in preparation for the new machine arriving.

New Machine for STW Craig_10

The old machine being moved out.

New Machine for STW V105_l10

Here's the Hyundai arriving.

New Machine for STW Hyunda10

Thankfully it fits!!!

New Machine for STW Hyunda11

So after the worst possible start and only two weeks down time it's in and machining. pheeeeeeew cheers (If you look closely you'll see a DCC Cylinder block!)

New Machine for STW Hyunda12

All the best


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New Machine for STW Empty Re: New Machine for STW

Post  Vapor Wed 27 Jan 2016, 2:52 pm

Sorry to hear 2016 started with a bang so to speak, but the replacement is certainly a first class piece of kit Dean, shame about the mucky black fingerprints all over it though, I think Craig should give it a go over with his feather duster and Mr Sheen. Laughing

Don't want to even guess how much STW had to invest Sad

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