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water gauge

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water gauge Empty water gauge

Post  hippy dave Sun 25 Oct 2015, 6:55 pm

Hi don't know how many builders are steaming there fodens yet but any that are how are you getting on with seeing your water level as mine is definitely tricky to see the level, used to have a foster with glass tube which was a lot easier to read. Question
hippy dave
hippy dave

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water gauge Empty Re: water gauge

Post  iain Sun 25 Oct 2015, 7:36 pm

Much easier if you have water treatment in Laughing I haven't steamed the foden but my full size is the same.


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water gauge Empty type C foden water gauge

Post  AlfieMoon Tue 25 Apr 2023, 5:58 pm

Dear Dave ,
Did you resolve your dillema?
Have just filled boiler for the first time and it is a bit difficult to see the water. I was wondering whether to paint the back of the inner gauge white to give more clarity.


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water gauge Empty Re: water gauge

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