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The next Foden Kit

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The next Foden Kit Empty The next Foden Kit

Post  Steam Traction World Tue 12 Nov 2013, 1:20 pm

I thought I would be appropriate to give a quick up date on the progress for the next 6” Foden Kit.

We had planned for it to be all the components fitted on and around the Cylinder including the Trunk Guides. Our recent success with attracting new 6” Foden sales has given us the opportunity to do the Trunk Guides as castings rather than as fabrications. I think this change will give us a better looking engine in the long run. The patterns have been completed but at the moment we’re still waiting for a firm delivery date for the castings themselves.

We have however received the castings for the crankshaft bearing housings, so we intend to supply these along with the hornplates. It’s been quite a time since 6” Foden customers have had a ‘useful’ kit to get on with which included a fair amount of preparation and painting. The last kit being the Cylinder.

We therefore intend to include with this next kit a lot of the components associated with the hornplates, even including some of the gear change parts. Also included will be the cab floors and front mudguards.

We have now placed orders for all the raw materials for this kit which should start being delivered to us next week. As we make progress with manufacture we’ll put some updates on the forum.



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The next Foden Kit Empty Re: The next Foden Kit

Post  burrell1 Tue 12 Nov 2013, 2:48 pm


Thank you for the kit update. It sounds like we are all going to have a busy time soon. I like the idea of having the Trunk Guides as castings, as you say this will enhance the look of the lorry. With the cab floors fitted the lorries will start to take shape.


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The next Foden Kit Empty Re: The next Foden Kit

Post  iain Tue 12 Nov 2013, 6:57 pm

Sounds good! i'm behind at the minute with my painting but never mind! Cool 


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The next Foden Kit Empty Re: The next Foden Kit

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