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Tumble Driers!!

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Tumble Driers!! Empty Tumble Driers!!

Post  LilyJack Sat 02 Jan 2010, 12:55 pm

Hiya boys and girls.

This isn't steam related BUT very important. Tis the season to be using ones tumble drier an awful lot so please take heed to this.
An engineer friend of mines kitchen went up in smoke a few years back causing considerable damage to the house (it's all been repaired now) because the tumble drier machine hadn't been serviced EVER.

Up to you guys n gals but it only takes half hour or so to whip covers off and give the insides a good ole hoovering out including the heating element unit and circ fan etc. Just done mine and it was boggin with dust inside, this is the nice, dry lovely stuff that goes whoof quicker than a dog waiting for it's dinner..

Most of you here are sharp enough to hold a screwdriver so I'll just mention the one most important thing, please unplug the unit before soddin around with it okay Very Happy

Happy 2010 to you all..


LilyJack Cool


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Tumble Driers!! Empty Re: Tumble Driers!!

Post  Big Al Sat 02 Jan 2010, 2:24 pm

I can add a funny story to that. Some time ago the lady wife complained about a rattle and smell when tumble drier turn on, The drier is stored in my garage. When I examined it the bottom part around the area of the motor was surrounded by a hoard of peanuts from my bird food bag and nestled nicely on the heating element, made out of hair, paper etc was a nice cosy nest containg a fried mouse! They do love tumble driers because of the heat so be warned.


Big Al

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Tumble Driers!! Empty Re: Tumble Driers!!

Post  hughb Sat 02 Jan 2010, 5:30 pm

Ho yuck
As for me not got one now fora long time ..Unlike the mocrowave that I blow up {the spoon not go in}

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Tumble Driers!! Empty Re: Tumble Driers!!

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