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Lykamobile Series 2 - FOR SALE

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Lykamobile Series 2 - FOR SALE Empty Lykamobile Series 2 - FOR SALE

Post  Admin Fri 03 Sep 2021, 10:00 am

Offered for private sale is a just finished Series 2 Lykamobile steam car. We believe this is the first series two finished to be offered for sale.

This is complete, fully built and up to date apart from waiting for a 'too follow' part to finally mount the rear basket. Only available as the seller enjoys the building and is already now busy with a recently purchase set of kits for a 4" Burrell.

It is completely new, unused, unsteamed and untested but carefully built and constructed over the past 4 years. The boiler has never been lit! The sale includes some valuable extras such as the ’step bell’ (new and £400), the headlight which is vintage and also cost around £400  from the US. Other small extras are the period Pyrene fire extinguisher and the bulb type horn. These features can be seen in one of the pictures below. It has all lighting circuits fitted to comply with current road traffic regulations  (front and rear indicators, side lights, headlight, brake lights and reflectors).  It also has twin ‘Optima' marine type deep cycle batteries fitted which again were around 200 euros each. It has black powder coated wheel rims and stainless steel spokes and stainless steel twin water tanks and stainless fuel tank. The sale will include all STW  supplied documentation and construction details plus all other invoices and expenditure. The vehicle is in Manche, France but within easy reach (less than 100 kms) of channel ports Cherbourg or Caen. Asking price is 25,000 euros or the sterling equivalent at the time of sale (which is currently around £21,500).

Buyer must collect or organise collection.

Please call 01327 301030 or email for further information.

Lykamobile Series 2 - FOR SALE Side_v12

Lykamobile Series 2 - FOR SALE Side_v13

Lykamobile Series 2 - FOR SALE Front_15

Lykamobile Series 2 - FOR SALE Footwe10

Lykamobile Series 2 - FOR SALE Horn10

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