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Fresh Water Total Capacity!!

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Fresh Water Total Capacity!!  Empty Fresh Water Total Capacity!!

Post  Goliewogs on Sat 06 Jun 2020, 3:04 pm

Dear All,
I have heard so much rubbish and utter "Poppycock" about the total fresh water capacity of the New Lykamobile that I have measured it - Officially!! By simple exterior volume measurement of the two tanks, I came to the conclusion long ago that each tank was about 8.6 Gallons or about 17 Gallons TOTAL!! (Nowhere near the stupid 30 gallons that some people had calculated - how they did that I will never know!!). So, today to be absolutely sure, I carefully filled one tank to the brim with nice fresh, clean spring water using a marked plastic measuring container. One tank held 39 Litres. Or, in old money, 8.59 gallons. Therefore, since each tank is identical (YES, it is!!) the total capacity is 78 litres or in old money if you like 17.18 gallons - or call it 17.2 gallons if you like! This will give the Lyka a theoretical range of 17 miles, or to be safe 15 - which is much better than the Mk 1 Lyka which only held 10 gallons total so I understand. The tanks are very easy to measure with a tape measure, if you like, as although they are tapered but identical, put together on top of one another (juxtaposed) they will in actual fact form a simple rectangular tank (you can just imagine this and not physically have to do this)! Then just follow simple maths and you will come up with a total volume of the same as my volumetric experiment today of 78 litres!
I hope this clears up this question once and for all for everyone who is interested.
Kindest regards


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