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leaking safety valve

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leaking safety valve Empty leaking safety valve

Post  jjtjr Wed 04 Apr 2018, 9:54 pm

This is for the guys that replaced there safety valve with a commercial one. I replaced mine with an apollo valve set for 250 psi and ran it since 2009, a few weeks ago the safety started leaking.  After it was taken apart I found that the teflon seat had been eroded by the steam and would not seat closed. A new seat was made from bronze. The valve was calibrated using a hydro pump. After talking to the stanley guys the pop pressure was set to 275  and the burner shuts down at 245, I will raise the burner to 250 psi.
When looking thru catalogs for safeties, you can choose different seat material, I used teflon which was steam rated, I should have picked brass or stainless steel.
I have a procedure for setting the rings inside the safety. There are one ring and two ring safeties. Each ring does a different job, the lower ring sets a fast pop or slow pop and the upper ring sets the amount of blowdown.  I set mine for a fast pop and short blowdown.
After the rings are set using a hydro pump they should be checked using steam.
Some of the stanley guys say they only pop the safety once a year. Which I think is not enough the steamboat guys pop there's once a day.

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