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STW Production Week Commencing 29/09/2008

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STW Production Week Commencing 29/09/2008 Empty STW Production Week Commencing 29/09/2008

Post  Admin on Fri 26 Sep 2008, 3:48 pm

Burrell 2" Kit 16A - This kit has now been completed and despatched to over 20 customers.

Burrell 2" 16B - Work has commenced on the weighshaft brackets with the flywheel due in shortly.

Foden Kit 19 & 20 - We are planning to despatch as many items as we've manufactured on these kits on Thursday 2nd October. A full list of what will be despatched will be shown in the Foden part of the forum.

Foden Cylinders - Delivery to us was expected at the end of the month, however that has been pushed back a fortnight by our supplier. It is still our intention to start manufacture as soon as they arrive.

Foden Crank Axles - Due to a delay with the grinders we will be looking at turning a further batch during the course of this week. If succesful we hope to be able to despatch a second batch of crank axles to any customers who have requested one towards the end of next week.

Burrell 4" Kit 10 - A large proportion of this kit has now been completed, we do not expect to be in the position to despatch this kit until the second or third week of October as we are still awaiting delivery of a number of key items.

Burrell 4" Boilers - Fifty Five boiler barrels are expected to be delivered to us on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. They will arrive already prepped by the laser cutters with some of holes already in place. This represents a significant investment by us and work will commence as soon as possible.

Likamobile - The delivery of wheels are anticipated at any time now. Letters have been sent to all Likamobile customers to check if they have any parts/kits outstanding and we shall wait their responce.


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