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Road run Empty Road run

Post  lynnr Thu 12 Aug 2010, 9:58 am


I have been through the forum but can not find anything on using your traction engine on the public highway. Some silly questions.

1. Are the engines exempt from road TAX,
2. I guess you can register the engine with DVLA to get plates.
3. How many trailers are you allowed to pull, something about triple articulation if I remember correctly, as once my engine is built I am looking at the water bowser and at least 1 wagon to be added to the collection. (pity the water bowser does not have room for some spare coal).
4. Not really important but in usage what sort of speed can you get out of a 4" Burrell, not looking to drag race it, but an idea would be nice.



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Road run Empty Re: Road run

Post  Tim Watson Thu 12 Aug 2010, 12:26 pm

1. Engines are exempt form road tax once registered for the first time.
2. DVLA will provide plates which will relate to the date of construction of the boiler.
3. The law, I think, allows for three, four wheel trailers to be pulled on the road. A bowser and two trailers is as much as I have pulled see for an epic run, although it is great fun pulling longer trains at rallys.
4. The SC agricultural will run at 4 mph quite happily. The RL should be capable of considerably more - say 10 mph, but steering and braking may be an issue at high speeds: when things go wrong with steam engines it happens very fast (personal experience)!
Tim Watson
Tim Watson

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