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Foden Kit 21D

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Foden Kit 21D Empty Foden Kit 21D

Post  Steam Traction World on Wed 09 Sep 2009, 9:34 am

Hi All,

Just to show you we have not forgotten about the Foden builders, below is a list of Foden parts we will be sending shortly and the current status of manufacture.

BU42107 Blowdown Screw In Packing

BU42120 Washout Plug Material due today

BU42217 WG Protector Top In Packing

BU42218 WG Protector Base In Packing

BU42243 WG Glass In Packing

BU42244 WG Glass Seal Manufactured

F42248 Water Lifter Adapter Material due today

F42250 WG Protector Glass Front In Packing

F42251 WG Protector Rod In Packing

F42252 WG Protector Glass Side In Packing

F42253 Blowdown Body Material due today
Consisting of:
F42253-1 Body
F42253-2 Pipe

F42354 Water Lifter Steam Pipe Completed

F42355 Rear Blower Pipe Material due today

F42356 Blower Union Material due today

F42357 Front Blower Pipe Material due today

F42328 Gear Cover On final assembly
Consisting of:
F42116 Handle
F42328-1 Cover
F42328-2 Sides

F42326 Cover Angle In Manufacture

F42327 U' Bolt In Manufacture

F42358 Lubricator Adapter
Consisting of:

F42363 Lubricator Pipe Material due today

F42365 Handle Boss 2 On Machine

F42366 Injector Water Valve Handle Material due today

F42367 Pump Bypass Valve Handle Material due today

F42380 Cylinder Cover On final assembly
Consisting of:
F42380-1 Front
F42380-2 Top
F42380-3 LH Side
F42380-3M RH Side
F42380-4 Rear
F42380-5 Front Support
F42380-6 Side Support

1030 Lub Check Valve In Packing

Water lifter Hose On order

Cabinet makers hinge Due in today

SP56105 3/8" x 32 locknut In Packing

5/16" Graphited Yarn In Packing

3/8" 180 deg Globe Valve In Packing

1/4 x 40 Globe Valve Due in Monday

The items where material is due in today should be turned around by the end of next week. These were items that Steve had not initially added to the outstanding parts list so were ordered at last minute.



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