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burner nozzle problem

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burner nozzle problem Empty burner nozzle problem

Post  jjtjr on Mon 19 Dec 2016, 1:31 pm

Developed a problem with the burner, This is what happened while driving the car and noticed the pressure not coming up fast as before, but when stop it would finally top out at 245 psi safety is 250 psi. then started to drive again pressure drops but burner can't keep up with demand. It started to smoke a lot, the more I drive it the more smoke and low pressure got to the point it was not driveable  towed it home. Took the burner nozzle out and found the filter that is at the back of the nozzle tip clogged, yes I do have a fuel filter at the tank the one that came with the car. Cleaner both filters all was fine again.

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