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What is wrong with my paint?

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What is wrong with my paint? Empty What is wrong with my paint?

Post  ChriX on Wed 20 Jan 2016, 6:55 pm

I seem to have an issue with Craftmaster Coach Enamels.

I painted my front axle perhaps 16 months ago and it has been stored in the house, in the warm since then. I have noticed that the paint is still so soft that leaving it resting on a piece of kitchen roll overnight will leave the pattern from the kitchen roll marked into the surface! If it marks this easily it's going to get wrecked when out on the rally field.

Is this normal? I can VERY lightly tap the surface with the tip of my fingernail and it makes a mark in the coach enamel, whereas in something like Raddle I can scratch it with my fingernails as hard as I can and it leaves no trace. I am having the exact same issue with the engine enamel, it just does not go hard enough.

I have only done a few parts in final top coat but obviously want to address this before going forward. Just wanted to get views here before contacting Craftmaster direct.

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What is wrong with my paint? Empty Re: What is wrong with my paint?

Post  lynnr on Wed 20 Jan 2016, 7:02 pm

Sounds like the spirits are not escaping.

Should be hard to the touch in a few days and fully cured in no more than a month. I used on my showman roof.

Try over on Traction Talk as craftmaster are a sponsor.

I personally would be on the dog and bone first thing. They are very good as answering question.


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