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Jimbo's 4" SCC ~ ALICE

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Jimbo's 4" SCC ~ ALICE Empty Jimbo's 4" SCC ~ ALICE

Post  Jim the Shovel on Tue 06 Oct 2015, 12:49 am

Haven't put up any pics as yet mainly because I haven't finished anything much yet. All in various stages of paint which we've all seen before.
As y'all know the rear wheels are a bit on the heavy side so I knocked up this upside down skateboard using 4" castors.
I put the wheels on a common axle to keep them inline. Have to keep a check on it as the wheel does tend drift a bit but on the whole pretty good.
I done the complete trial build only moving from chair to do up the spoke bolt in the hub on the farside.

Jimbo's 4" SCC ~ ALICE 20151011

I also turned some guide pins for the axle and drive pin to ensure that the cover plates are located correctly.
These were made from acetal round bar. Just the job for something which is only going to be used a few times. And it's cheap.

Jimbo's 4" SCC ~ ALICE 20151025
Jim the Shovel
Jim the Shovel

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Jimbo's 4" SCC ~ ALICE Empty Re: Jimbo's 4" SCC ~ ALICE

Post  LiveSteam on Thu 08 Oct 2015, 9:28 pm

Now I like that wheel holder Cool


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