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Attn. Showman Shane

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Attn. Showman Shane Empty Attn. Showman Shane

Post  mikero on Wed 05 Aug 2015, 4:58 pm


As requested photos from Boconnac, taken in the brief periods of sunshine.

Attn. Showman Shane 35mnuhf

The air of expectancy as the engines are lit by bleary-eyed drivers in the early morning sunshine.

Attn. Showman Shane 14j88km

Charlie cleans the wheels while Max stands guard.

Attn. Showman Shane Xcbvt

Hercules about to leave his tent.

Attn. Showman Shane J6l9jp

Attn. Showman Shane Es1bug

Tommy gleaming in the sunshine.

Attn. Showman Shane 2m80g2a

The signboard that traveled with us to Brighton, suitably amended to show our success.  The wonderful engine-crews of Cornwall donated their appearance money to the fund and added a magnificent £450.

Attn. Showman Shane 2dtztr4

DRIVER UNDER INSTRUCTION, Charlie keeping an eye on Steve's steering.

Attn. Showman Shane 160zqki

Frederick at the end on the line, the second showman's is the re-painted factory model.

Attn. Showman Shane 29eszmf

A symphony of polished metal.

Attn. Showman Shane 6qeh38

A trip to the lakeside, nearly a disaster when a regulator jammed shut and had to be 'persuaded' to work again.

I will post more when I have processed them.


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Attn. Showman Shane Empty Re: Attn. Showman Shane

Post  showman shane on Wed 05 Aug 2015, 9:42 pm

Thank you Mike. What great photos. Please keep them coming. I am so envious with the selection of events you can take your engines to. We have nothing like it in NZ.I might have to investigate the cost of shipping my engine to the UK for a month or two so as I can catch up with some of you guys (and girls-sorry Lynn). Kind regards and best wishes for the rest of yours and other STW builders rallying season.Shane

showman shane

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Attn. Showman Shane Empty Re: Attn. Showman Shane

Post  LiveSteam on Wed 05 Aug 2015, 10:31 pm

Must admit I sometimes forget how fortunate we must be.
Here on the southcoast I think I have the choice of almost a rally every weekend during the peak season all within no more than 1.5hrs drive maximum. Even I hadnt realised how many there are which are so local to me.


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Attn. Showman Shane Empty Re: Attn. Showman Shane

Post  lynnr on Thu 06 Aug 2015, 10:04 am

Hi Shane

Don't be too fed up with no shows. There is not that many in Scotland either and they are all over 100 miles away for me. Nearest being at least 3 hours drive.

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Attn. Showman Shane Empty Re: Attn. Showman Shane

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