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Blackbeards wagons.

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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Blackbeards wagons.

Post  lynnr on Tue 23 Sep 2014, 10:44 pm

Hi All

Just a photolog of the build progress for Blackbeards wagons. I will edit and add text as and when I can.

I did not take pictures of building the second chassis as it only took a couple hours.

Blackbeards wagons. C926A707-B200-40EB-B99A-FBE4A57E4C9C_zpsjfouxbti

Then it was fit all the parts to the woodwork to get all the pilot holes drilled and to make sure everything goes together as per STW normal precision.

BTW I am working on two wagons at once.

Blackbeards wagons. 1AE5A955-2A6E-48D1-AB2D-AE4AA3E8F40B_zpsgddpuayd

Unpack the rest of the wood to allow it to acclimatise.

Blackbeards wagons. EC81912D-CD96-4908-877C-99A757145670_zpswaht3yse

Glue the end boards together.

Blackbeards wagons. 4F7A33EC-A318-41EA-82D0-96427C27BE27_zps0bms6eg7

Using the odd weight lying around to make sure it sets up flat.
Blackbeards wagons. 5B2D5741-AF1D-443F-BE80-8B91CCDBFF73_zpsvtqjvysr

Blackbeards wagons. 4058FBEC-011A-49B9-A25C-424DB1967A52_zpsdjud2pba

Now that the sides are glued up as well. Start sorting out the metal work and masking tape attach everything on.
Blackbeards wagons. 48C08142-52CD-4C8D-A39F-4131C10BC2D2_zpsricjvxto

Lots of drilling later and all the ironwork is on the wagon bodies.
Blackbeards wagons. E8329B9C-EE41-4E59-83B3-D5B1CCF81798_zps4z1dpemz

Paint time.

Blackbeards wagons. 8b4e7ea4f0aeeb7329a38801a37daa4a_zpsdcafe135

Blackbeards wagons. Eeefbd6074c2cbb3a39e0892bd287b08_zpsc3079ee9

Blackbeards wagons. F78a6697502e71eafa9abd9be98cf6a0_zps6f4d4295

Blackbeards wagons. A1af06bf24a0fe906f4678b691cf780b_zpsdf1be383

Blackbeards wagons. D739fd8995f0dd026f0240b6f31c4564_zpsf3eebb23

Blackbeards wagons. 9c4f7b04784364fdc798b506d8f0b78f_zps547c0228

Blackbeards wagons. B031d3aac84e9b0eb7dfffd3a17e04cf_zps428603a3

Blackbeards wagons. 40f9d71d85084e40b66bddf75e3f81d2_zps7fbd29b4

Turntable assemblies done. Needed filing in the tenons to allow a good snug fit. First coat of Black undercoat applied.

Blackbeards wagons. 865faddc98456c5481b65d21ec2ead6e_zpsb43f2d23

Blackbeards wagons. Dfb975e71930ee9103d67928ceac6dd4_zps825207f0

Have a change of colour. Going red undercoat now.

Blackbeards wagons. Db61b354a1f742e3a263ec59452af8f2_zpsba640d47

Blackbeards wagons. 2bd4854e5409cc8cce33830d41215b2d_zpsc825708f

After a slight hiccup in the parts department. Namely missing 6 out of 8 wheels! Finally collected from North Yorkshire.
It is now wheel building time

Wheel Build video

Blackbeards wagons. 34913dd99d7f9debb23e19d980eaa40e_zpsab088e55

And of course a coat of paint on parts.

Blackbeards wagons. Cee8ca3a75fd57e561a26b0825cdd3b0_zpsc9d6205a

Starting to get a depth to the undercoat.

Blackbeards wagons. D6e4680b02a94ac13d780e9a328ee452_zps365b57ed

All the wheels ready now. They are going off to powder coaters.

Blackbeards wagons. Da1f62d0f0f371c947de79dc931f8bc1_zps0474cdd0

So the hub caps need a bit of a trim to allow for the powder thickness.

Blackbeards wagons. B47162aac5056c975118a505f0584186_zps3782fe7b

Shall I paint them orange and go clay shooting?
Blackbeards wagons. 6f7548f689bd0bcbf35da1c43e6627f3_zps95a67ed8

The metal part count is quite impressive when you are building two wagons at once.

Blackbeards wagons. Cbe14872afb136a06a99dceabea39371_zps52dc23b3

Back to woodwork. Using the table belt sander you can see. Trim all the floorboards to fit the chassis. Leaving the end board for when the rest are glued and screwed in place.

Blackbeards wagons. 500105777c40f5554d0216380c424af9_zpsd709adea

I made a jig up to get all the screw holes in a nice line. Then I filled them all in!
Blackbeards wagons. 5cefabd72921bda5a970f66bb53ef657_zps25153bc2

Bit of a change. Etch priming of metal parts.

Blackbeards wagons. Bc9f8ec4738b485006de0ddcea0e0bbf_zps1432bfab

Then into first coat of two pack.

Blackbeards wagons. 602be011a9da44943044b456928c8a15_zpsa0ce09bb

So far so good. No dust visible!

Blackbeards wagons. 043243c417a98be30cde9d90dbaf0201_zps48a3e276

Blackbeards wagons. 1e636152c73f8c4dbbb9d16b876cb773_zps74f55382

Next coat. Still no dust!

Blackbeards wagons. 5a0170bdeb44568230c2a5c1804bd4be_zpsb7499af1

Looks excellent on the top but somewhat orange peel on the sides. Bugger!

Blackbeards wagons. E326f2b891bf17f5a351be14974fe9ca_zps0350c142

Lets play with some wood instead. Belt sanders are wonderful things!

Blackbeards wagons. 239e2edffc8069da389e156cac30fe67_zps06c54fbf

The "missing" floorboards are actually kept loose to allow the turntable pin and brake hangers to be got at. These boards will just be screwed down.

Blackbeards wagons. 6493f75131efdea87250949c0bf9240f_zps50219b2e

Blackbeards wagons. 50f6ceb19157b27d3deb8659ad50da52_zpsf247d2c8

Blackbeards wagons. 46beda62d5f2e908e8a5caadca9e6a47_zps927880d1


Blackbeards wagons. Cbbb5de8b741e5bfa649a61e8b2924af_zps3acd9b54

First black undercoat. The red chassis rails are masked off.
Blackbeards wagons. 1357efa1923e1eb9184a863334a6a246_zps0a0402b4

Blackbeards wagons. 7e48c3de420ed7425f61498f1919d461_zpse8a6aecc

Blackbeards wagons. 1923cf290802635abdfef2cb9e7e4e42_zps0b30d854

Back to the metalwork for their 3rd coat.

Blackbeards wagons. B72dc5a48bedf4b4bcdc77c68ebaa614_zps50aaef3e

Now to leave for 7 days to fully harden.

Blackbeards wagons. 1fd4ac8388f5abee82ddb89be5bdae76_zpsa2cc08f6

Now that is RED
Blackbeards wagons. Eff2a428b2651c1ab9e1a24c8a85e42e_zps0f24ea68

Now that I have had a good dose of paint fumes. Lets play with chemicals.
Blacking kit.
Blackbeards wagons. 11e6d746819ebc974e229e9cefe818ff_zps9e233fad

The parts store is getting quite crowded. Need to start fitting some of this stuff together.

Blackbeards wagons. 5b49d5ea77fee8aa9384daaac406c64e_zps9bbf71ac

Blackbeards wagons. 3e3492ba5bb293c35253919b0bd57e9b_zpsfa737709

Second and final assembly has begun.

Blackbeards wagons. Bf77b8b75cb094fe44d85b5f92f7cb26_zpsffbbda91

Blackbeards wagons. 43522506ba228d6dc9e0f9f7b24da59e_zps59668b4d

Spring is not in the air. Its on the ground.
Blackbeards wagons. F4356e8cdc57bc09903f47fe7538219a_zpsd67e2989

Blackbeards wagons. 955240e6fefbc0146450aeaf82d115fe_zps7f1ef370

Blackbeards wagons. 43085b9cb8613a79390125cd7ccfb10a_zps0459836c

Turntables put out the way while working on the wagon chassis.

Blackbeards wagons. 31d4c0a3661c0a90567aaa15d5a6b9a1_zpsb77177e1

Blackbeards wagons. 087b1e75f0251453b41c1a2504fa5aaf_zps0160081b

Now to touching up the floor of the wagons. Get a nice crisp edge round.

Blackbeards wagons. Db3349911622b60019bf956de30d1342_zpsc7455a73

Blackbeards wagons. Ef0020ecb897541403f297cc7a314866_zps92482a8f

Ironwork now being fitted. The red is still a bit soft so not fitting fully yet.

Blackbeards wagons. E5e9a93db8097ab6e9edfa11e62492e6_zpsac45e0ed

Hinges looking good.

Blackbeards wagons. 7b5176ae174f765d660bf1e95dbb1c56_zpsd7b7c307

Trial fit of the body panels.
Yes Brian your colour scheme does look good.

Blackbeards wagons. 004d1cea4bcec98d734e1bbbfcc9a46b_zpse80813a0

Blackbeards wagons. C09b84a710092342a295db70eff4ee0c_zps13b1b855

I asked Crystal if I could borrow her wagons to use as mobile work tables.

Blackbeards wagons. Fbe198d0c8c2f9a190fcee4fd34c58ee_zps225d6d6f

Blackbeards wagons. 6153095ea4e3265e89021336db58e3b6_zps6afb8004

Fitting the end protectors. Paint touch up will be required.

Blackbeards wagons. 1fe524d5f970b52b1c13770e133604c7_zpsab4f28a9

Blackbeards wagons. 2235114c50936fd9dd0e9735da1473da_zps64c9f4dd

Shaping up nicely. Will I be finished in time?

Blackbeards wagons. C73ff30d4276410551691341bd95a722_zpscb62be4e

Now to put a brake on things.
Axial screw nut.

Blackbeards wagons. D3e24c1aa6b978b943c62e098c2e6eb8_zpsd077ab89

Paint the tension bolts black.
That looks nicer.

Blackbeards wagons. C631cee6a099016ff25aab47d5bd990a_zps6880b4b7

Now that does look nice.

Blackbeards wagons. 1a876b09b4bd110dd789f8090382a1a1_zps0a2653d6

Naming of the wagons.

Blackbeards wagons. Baea071c595af9d5b5ce94526bcf205f_zpsa0da549b

Blackbeards wagons. A7ab235f4b54fdcb5fb1fa48258b9c6f_zps50a48934

Bit snug in Crystals bedroom. She did as if she could keep them as well.

Blackbeards wagons. Abdc3e68535dff48f3c7be5c9e92fdc9_zps76342a25

Blackbeards wagons. 1ad76c81d173c93c7b54d2c6917ca16f_zps7587d8bb

Back to the brakes. Currently fitting the wheel assembly and turning the gears bosses down to allow free turning.

Blackbeards wagons. 1a26c3ace96ee418b0ed7b07ccfc6630_zpsc812d8a7

Blackbeards wagons. 5e3090bd852cdb3c9842d0d7e528eb5e_zps365b3ff5

Blackbeards wagons. D53bdb3007fba8ba57b08e473b388880_zps34845567

Blackbeards wagons. 568db66032cb533f7055faac195af7e3_zpsb85cc176

Blackbeards wagons. A4f584692f783bf71e1c83220d33e315_zps6271d55a

No you are not seeing a repeat. This is the other wagon.

Blackbeards wagons. A1b1683b5e9ce232bc77439dba4b4952_zpsbb871dc3

Blackbeards wagons. 16aa53c43862c4d7df7d676d39e28677_zps13c254cd

Blackbeards wagons. A209e3b6f75798f3487f2ea14a4ac3dc_zps8fc432c3

Blackbeards wagons. 3c8c3bca89aff0d0a5877d026fa75e27_zpsbda1373c

Twins! Bodies are basically complete. Waiting for tow strap and wheels now.

Blackbeards wagons. A39afcddd22674655d7f34def857f34a_zps94304496

Had to redo the hubcaps. I was not happy with the finish. There must have been a bit of dust got under the door as it was quite windy a couple nights before.

Blackbeards wagons. 4315137eb0b298da8829926d5b26dab8_zps28f9acca

Wheels arrived!. Lets get ready for a mess.
Well not really. If you get set up correctly and clean between each wheel.

Blackbeards wagons. 53c2fdd57778cd1f484e79ca9621741f_zpsc80b498a

Blackbeards wagons. 42b880df08529ace64b84888d53b4828_zpsc0f6518d

At this point things got very rushed so there was no more pictures taken until the reveal on 20th September 2014.

Blackbeards wagons. Ac00854299cc6d1ff34c8efaec60184e_zps59745c5e

Blackbeards wagons. F7767a6125257156afe8e1fbbc242719_zpsda8e0d77

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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Re: Blackbeards wagons.

Post  Tony King on Wed 24 Sep 2014, 7:21 am

What a lot of work!!... Good to see complete build process for a set of wagons though. Well done Lynn!!

Having seen your place, I'm amazed at how you manage to do all this stuff in such a compact area, as they say down Essex way (Where I'm from!!)... "Well impressed"!!... as I'm sure Brian &"Blackbeard" are!!


Tony King

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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Re: Blackbeards wagons.

Post  Kevster on Wed 24 Sep 2014, 7:49 am

Thanks for posting Lynn,
great build thread, nice job of the wagons too.

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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Re: Blackbeards wagons.

Post  lynnr on Wed 24 Sep 2014, 11:30 am

More pictures added

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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Re: Blackbeards wagons.

Post  IanL on Wed 24 Sep 2014, 12:36 pm

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for posting I now know what I have in store once STW can supply my wagon kits only had kit one so far.

But well done on a superb job.

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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Re: Blackbeards wagons.

Post  bjwlancashire on Wed 24 Sep 2014, 1:19 pm

Lynn has done a fabulous job in the short time she had and I can only imagine how hard she has worked on them. The last pictures of the chassis going together were kept from me so she could do a "reveal" and it certainly worked, I could not stop smiling.

Declan is now keen to put our little trailer back to living van form and add it to the train, it will need the sole bar painting red, the sides black and the window frames red to match the wagons.

Here is one more picture of the road train after unloading, it all fitted into my 10 x 6 Ifor box trailer with the bowser in one of the wagons. Just the bolts holding the iropn work onto the sides to paint and all done, rubber mats for the floor inside arrive tomorrow. Just might get some mini tarps made to cover them like a full size trailer would cover the loads.

Blackbeards wagons. Dsc_0010

Blackbeards wagons. Dsc_0011

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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Re: Blackbeards wagons.

Post  lynnr on Wed 24 Sep 2014, 8:24 pm


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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Re: Blackbeards wagons.

Post  IanL on Thu 25 Sep 2014, 7:25 pm

Well just had a text from Interlink, saying I have a delivery tomorrow it's a great feeling knowing I am going to have something to unpack and work on.


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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Re: Blackbeards wagons.

Post  lynnr on Thu 25 Sep 2014, 8:51 pm

Sorry folks. Hit bandwidth limit of 20G do need to wait for reset.

Update. Sorted. No problem now. Unlimited bandwidth

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Blackbeards wagons. Empty Re: Blackbeards wagons.

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