I always had hard steering

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I always had hard steering Empty I always had hard steering

Post  jjtjr on Fri 29 Aug 2014, 12:38 pm

Upon the rebuild of the car I had removed the steering post to paint it. When I tried to move it I found it was very hard to turn. Upon inspection what was found explains what the problem was. The assemble is as follows. There is an inner rod which turns inside an outer tube. The outer tube has bushings on each end to support the inner rod. The inner rod has a square section/ threaded section machined on the lower end and the upper end is pined the upper knuckle. The steering arm on the lower end has a matching square machined, when the two are put together and the nut is tightened the whole assy is drawn together.The problem was the outer tube was too long by about .250". This caused the inner rod to bind on the outer tube when tightened. The fix was to remove the bushings and machine the outer tube. Now when tight the inner rods tightens upon itself. This was a problem in the manufacturing of the part. After machining the tube, it turns without any drag.

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