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Heat protection for boiler cleading

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Heat protection for boiler cleading Empty Heat protection for boiler cleading

Post  Tim Watson on Tue 07 Aug 2012, 9:45 am

The boiler is obviously lagged to prevent heat dissipating too much. Even so, the paint on the cleading is going to get warm and will probably change colour. However, shiny aluminium foil will help to reflect this heat back into the boiler. It may protect the paint and will certainly improve the boiler insulation. I did this on Madeline and have recently done the same for Frederick. The picture below tells the story:

Heat protection for boiler cleading Img_0413

The aluminium foil is cut to be marginally undersize and then the dull side is sprayed with spray mount. It is then stuck to the fit surface of the cleading and does not interfere with its fitting. The glue will obviously fail due to the heat, but this won't matter as it is securely held in place.

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