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Tyre pressures

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Tyre pressures Empty Tyre pressures

Post  Julia on Fri 28 Nov 2008, 9:17 am

I have at long last got my Foden on its wheels. It strikes me that all the weight is on the little wheels at the front as I can still lift the back. My question is what is an appropriate front tyre pressure? Embossed on the side of the tyre it indicates that the maximum pressure is 50psi. This seems high.

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Tyre pressures Empty Re: Tyre pressures

Post  gulfstream on Wed 03 Dec 2008, 8:13 am


My Foden has been out and about on the rally field during the Summer albeit not under its own steam and I have had my tyres at about 30psi which seemed fine. Obviously with water in the boiler and the tanks some extra weight will be added to the front and back which might mean a bit more pressure but I would have thought it won't be necessary to inflate to their maximum pressures. Graham Beck has been running his Foden for 18 months or so now so he should have some info so I will ask him next time I speak with him.



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