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STW Production Week Commencing 03/11/2008

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STW Production Week Commencing 03/11/2008 Empty STW Production Week Commencing 03/11/2008

Post  Admin on Thu 06 Nov 2008, 8:25 am

Burrell 2" 16B - Last few parts being completed and control model assembled. Should go out minus the flywheel but including the weighshaft bracket and crank shaft gear guard from kit 17 as replacements. The flywheels have had to be sent out to be annealled and will be included in kit 17. Despatch target for 16b Friday 7th November.

Foden Kit 20 & 19 - Further items have been completed. Safety valve covers and Water pump castings have been delivered. As soon as the Water pumps have been completed we intend to send whatever is available. Despatch target 17th - 21st November.

Foden Cylinders - Delivery has arrived and photo's will be added to the relevant section shortly. Manufacture will commence during December.

Burrell 4" Kit 10 - Kit almost complete. Should be despatched next week, 10th - 14th November. A despatch date will be added as soon as we are certain which day we will be sending it.

Burrell 4" Kit 11 - Cylinders have now been delivered and will be going on a milling machine next week. Planning to despatch this kit before Christmas.

Burrell 4" Boilers - Fifty Five boiler barrels plus all the laser cut plate work has now been delivered. The plate work is being set up to have the weld preps done on a milling machine currently. RSA Inspector visit booked.


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