Steam Cylinder Oil & Likamobile

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Steam Cylinder Oil & Likamobile Empty Steam Cylinder Oil & Likamobile

Post  Chas on Thu 26 Jul 2018, 5:42 pm

Hi, I'm looking for a new Steam Cylinder Oil supplier here in Germany for my Likamobile (Model Works version). The oil I used in the past had "1000" on the can, I assume thats the viscosity. One supplier here can offer me 500 and 700 but not 1000. I'm using super heated steam, how important is the viscosity? A local club has a full size Fowler traction engine which runs at 8-10 Bar and they use 500 oil. My Likamobile runs at 16 Bar. Also a problem is that most Co.s only supply a minimum 20 Litre, I use maybe 5 Litre in 10 years! and I'm only 76 years old, must I live to 96 to use it all up?

I would love some advice from fellow Likamobile owners.

Keep steaming, Charles

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Steam Cylinder Oil & Likamobile Empty Cylinder Oil

Post  Goliewogs on Fri 27 Jul 2018, 11:45 am

Hi, Since you've in Germany, steam oil is easy to obtain from Maidstone Engineering in 1 Litre bottles - I live in France and they posted it to me with no problem! Other than them, you could try Heritage Steam Supplies who also sell a "Universal" steam oil which is supposed to be good for bearings, cylinders etc etc so you don't need both types for all the oiling needs. I have never used it but it may be worth a try. Again, I believe they sell it in 1 litre bottles as well as larger! Hope you are successful!


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Steam Cylinder Oil & Likamobile Empty Re: Steam Cylinder Oil & Likamobile

Post  LiveSteam on Fri 27 Jul 2018, 7:58 pm

I've been using the Morris universal Steam oil in everything on my Agri, it only runs at 120psi but the oil is apparently good up to 180psi.

No ill effects for the past 4yrs and the engines as quiet as a mouse and no need to faff about with two lots of oil.


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Steam Cylinder Oil & Likamobile Empty Re: Steam Cylinder Oil & Likamobile

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