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Post  Tim Watson on Thu 25 Jul 2013, 7:10 am

Any hints or tips for gluing on the calico / canvass roof covering?

Tim Watson
Tim Watson

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Canvas roof Empty Re: Canvas roof

Post  lynnr on Thu 25 Jul 2013, 8:26 am

Hi Tim

Traditional or hard as nails?

Iron the calico to remove fold creases etc.
Large pot of glue. PVA would do fine. Slightly watered down. Good coating across the roof panels.
2 or more persons to assist.
Stretch out the calico above the engine. Have a reasonable over hang to get a grip on if needed.
Holding up at the corners. Land a small section at the front middle. Using hands or stiff squeegee work one corner on then the other. Working from the initial landing area. Little pressure to hold cloth tight but do not stretch it.
Work down the spine and then across to the edges a small distance at a time. Keeping the tail up in the air.

As they say. Repeat until finished.

Once all down. Squeegee until glue is spread evenly and through the calico. You can add more glue to the top and squeegee it in if a bit dry in places.


Using West Resin system. (Other makes available) and pigment.
Wet the wood with the resin. Lay calico and stretch out to remove bubbles and wrinkles.
Pore more resin on and spread using a resin roller to get an even coat and good penetration.
Let harden
Sand to remove spikes etc.
repeat 4 times.
After 2nd coat I put the rain strakes and chimney hole surround on with resin under to bond.
Result = very hard wearing surface with pigment colour all the way through so if scratched will not show through.

It may help but it may also be complete bovine byproduct.
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